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Need a divorce attorney, child support attorney, child custody attorney, or  family law attorney?  We can help.  We'll be in your corner to fight for the life your family deserves!

Why Choose Baucom Family Law?

  • Experience:  Attorney Marie Baucom has over 13 years experience as a lawyer and understands the difficulties involved in family law matters.  Ms. Baucom's extensive experience in front of the local family law judges means she'll provide you reliable advice in your divorce or other family law case since she knows what to expect if the judge must decide the merits of your case.  Our goal is to get you the best possible outcome in your family law case, whether that means working with the other side to reach an amicable agreement or remaining steadfast and aggressively pursuing your case in court without giving an inch!

  • Affordable Legal Fees:   "You get what you pay for" certainly applies to hiring a lawyer and we won't sugarcoat things or only tell you what you want to hear and that starts right here at the very beginning.  The fact is that divorce, child custody dispute, child support issues, and visitation issues can be expensive, especially if the parties are not in agreement on all the issues. However, we also understand the financial stress that often accompanies these same issues.  So if you are concerned about the cost of a divorce, child support modification, custody case, or any other family law matter, then let us help to put your mind at ease. In most cases, we can tailor a payment plan that will allow you to retain the representation you deserve.   At Baucom Family Law, you don't have to let finances dictate who will raise your children or how much time you get with your son or daughter.  We also offer several payment methods, including cash, check, debit card, credit card and bank transfer. 

  • Respect:  We listen to your concerns and work with you to determine the best strategy to accomplish your ultimate goals.

  • Communication:  Arguably the best benefit of technology is how much easier and quicker we can communicate with each other.  Ms. Baucom uses technology to make herself accessible to clients after business hours and on the weekends so that you can receive an update within minutes of us receiving new information about your case.

  • Compassionate:  From your first contact with your Waco divorce attorney or family law attorney, we go above and beyond to make sure you feel the least amount of stress and difficulty as possible,  whether that means answering your concerns after business hours or meeting with you in the evening or weekend because of your work schedule.

  • Knowledgeable Advocate:  Whether you have an amicable divorce or a strongly contested custody case, we will take whatever approach is necessary to try to obtain the results you seek.  Ms. Baucom has been practicing law for more than 13 years and has a spent the last 8+ years practicing almost exclusively in front of the family law judges in McLennan County and Central Texas.  She will advise clients what to expect and determine the best strategy to use depending on the specific court where the case will be heard.  Having this experience in front of the judge that will decide your case can be the difference between winning or losing custody of your children. 

About Our Law Firm

We understand that when you are going through difficult times, the last thing you want to deal with is hiring an attorney.  We have felt that way as well.  That's why we do everything possible to make you feel comfortable and at home whenever you are in our office or talking to your attorney.  Give us a call and you will see the difference.
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