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Is the validity of your marriage in doubt? A skilled annulment attorney can answer that question and determine if an annulment is right for your. Annulment laws are there to protect spouses from having to pay the high costs of a divorce if their marriage was not valid in the first place. To help guide you through an annulment and answer your questions, our annulment attorney is always available.

How To Get A Marriage Annulled & Reasons For Annulment

Was your marriage performed under threat to your personal safety or under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Are you wondering how to get a marriage annulled? An annulment attorney has the experience to assist you. First, we must determine if the reasons for annulment fit into Texas' annulment laws.  Some of the reasons an annulment may be granted under Texas law include:  if the bride or groom were under a certain age at the time of the marriage, if either party was mentally or physically handicapped, or if the marriage is between two closely related people.

What is the difference between and annulment and a divorce?

An "annulled marriage" is when the marriage is deemed void and there is no property distribution or spousal support obligation.  The marriage never legally existed.  The benefit of annulments is that there is very little legal fallout due to extenuating circumstances. Annulment laws protect spouses from potential legal issues in the future.   People also have religious reasons for wanting an annulment instead of divorce.  However, a religious issue is never a valid ground for obtaining an annulment in Texas. 

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Do you need to know how to get a marriage annulled? Are you unsure what reasons for annulment are needed instead of a divorce? If you ask these questions or any others involving annulment, contact our annulment law firm. Our annulment attorney will help you figure out if annulment is right for you. We can assist you in getting out of a bad situation and expunge it from the books.