Waco Child Support Attorney

Is the thought of needing to pay or rely on child support after a divorce creating stress? Our experienced child support attorney is available to give you the child support information you will need to feel less stressed. Child support is the most predictable condition of a divorce. A child support attorney can explain these factors to you to help you prepare for you and your child’s financial future.

What is Child Support & Child Support Enforcement

“What is child support and do I need for child support,” are two questions many parents ask when going through a divorce. Child support is a court order legally binding one parent to provide financial support to the other parent to help with the upbringing of a child. Our child support attorney can help you predict if you will owe child support, and if so, give you an idea of how much you will owe.

Occasionally the parent who must pay child support feels like they are being asked to pay a disproportionate amount. The result is usually that the child support payer refuses to pay. Often the payer does not know that child support laws provide for child support enforcement. Typically enforcement is dealt with on a state level before the situation becomes too serious. However, sometimes the payer attempts to avoid payment by moving across state line or simply refuses to pay for years on end. After the payer crosses state lines or becomes two years delinquent on payments the federal government gets involved. The federal government has the ability to prosecute the offender using the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act.

Child Support Modification

Sometimes a parent's financial circumstances change, such that child support modification is an option.  In Texas, there are serious consequences for failing to pay court-ordered child support, including the inability to renew your driver's license and even incarceration. Rather than risk jail time, contact us so that we can advise you regarding possible consquences, ways to avoid serious consequences, and then work to get a new payment plan enacted.  If we get involved and initiate an action before you become seriously behind and before the attorney general files an enforcement action, it's highly likely you will not suffer any of the consequences described above.  Additionally, the attorney general is more willing to work with us if you are proactive in adjusting your support obligation versus waiting until the attorney general has to spend the time and resources filing an enforcement action.

If you simply feel like you are paying too much in child support, our child support attorney can help you decide whether a modification may lower your child support payments.

Contact Our Child Support Law Firm

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