Waco Father's Rights Attorney

Many courts express gender bias in rulings regarding child custody. Our father's rights attorney fights to break this bias by proving that you, as a father, have as much right and ability to raise your child as a mother does. Most men don’t consider fighting for primary custody because they see it as a lost cause. Although in the past courts would often begin with the presumption that children should live with the mother, times have drastically changed, at least in McLennan County courts.  The judges in Waco and the surrounding counties treat mothers and fathers fair and equally with respect to who should be awarded primary custody of a child.  Our local judges now truly do look at what would be in the best interest of the child and award custody accordingly without regard to whether the parent is the mother or father. If you are a father who wishes to have your child or children live primarily with you, then our father's rights attorney will rigorously pursue primary custody on your behalf.

Parental Rights For Fathers in Divorce

Contrary to popular belief, it is not impossible to gain primary or, what some people refer to as "sole custody," as a father. Fathers’ rights advocates have worked hard over the years to shape fathers' rights laws to ensure you have as good of a chance as the mother to retain custody of your child in a divorce. Fathers’ rights in divorce are no different than a mother’s. Many fathers do not know that their rights may be violated by a judge’s preexisting bias toward placing a child with the mother. More women are entering the work force, while many men are choosing to work from home or become stay-at-home fathers. This is often overlooked when a custody case is taken to court. Our father's rights attorney will work to make a judge understand the situation fully and to protect your rights in child custody.

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Are you a father who needs a lawyer who will stand next to you and fight for your right to have primary custody of your children? Do you need more visitation or lower child support?  If you answered yes to either question, then you should already be calling Baucom Family Law so you can speak with our father’s rights attorney. Father’s rights is a primary area of focus for us and we will work to help you understand where you stand. Our goal is to get the best outcome in a custody case for you and your child. We will protect your rights!