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As an active duty or retired member of the military, or as the spouse of a member of the military, you have specific rights and stipulations when it comes to divorce. Our experienced military divorce attorney fully understands military divorce laws and can explain to you how your divorce is different from a civilian divorce. Getting a divorce in the military is not a straightforward process and you have certain military divorce benefits.

Getting a Divorce in the Military

Getting a divorce in the military is a complicated process that can be made much easier with the experience of a professional at your disposal. As an active duty service member’s deployment status changes, you may have to wait for the divorce process to continue. Army divorce laws, air force divorce laws, and marine corps divorce laws all differ in some way and complicate the process of a military divorce. Our military divorce attorney can explain these differences and help you understand what military divorce laws you need to focus on with regards to military divorce benefits available to you. There are tax-exempt allowances provided for military members for housing, hazardous duty pay, or overseas pay that are eligible to be used to determine child support payments and can be considered part of the marital estate. The Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act, or USFSPA law, was a law that was enacted to make sure that military retired pay can be part of the marital estate as well, much like a civilian pension plan.

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Have you found yourself getting tangled and confused by military divorce laws? If the answer is yes, contact our military divorce law firm today. Our military divorce attorney is available to help you get the answers you need to go forward with getting a divorce in the military. Military divorce benefits are available to you, and it is your right to know what they are.