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Is the paternity of your child in question? You have a right to know if a child is yours and if you are legally responsible for his/her care. Our experienced paternity attorney will give you the information you need to understand what paternity laws are and how they affect your situation. As a father or mother, you need to know how paternity test laws relate to you and what you are trying to accomplish.

Paternity Laws & DNA Testing

Paternity fraud is a common occurrence in the United States. It has the potential to negatively impact the lives of a child, the falsely accused father, and the biological father. A paternity attorney can provide you with the information you need to defend yourself against a false accusation of fathering a child. Paternity test laws give you an opportunity to dispute a claim you feel is false. Our paternity attorney fully understands paternity testing laws and can explain your paternity rights to you. It is your right to know if you are responsible for a child and to have a chance to have a positive relationship with that child. At the same time, a paternity test can reveal that you are not the father, thus freeing you from having to financially support that child unless you choose to.

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Are you concerned that the child you are supporting is not yours? Contact our paternity attorney today to find the answers to your questions. Paternity laws are there for your protection. You have the right under paternity test laws to dispute the accusation that you are the father of a child. Get your questions answered about paternity testing laws today by calling Baucom Family Law.